Little Women

Little Women ★★½

I have never read the book nor watched any of the other versions of this. I ended up with a feeling that I was watching a classic and that there was a lot of potential in characters and the story. Unfortunately a lot of the technical aspects where very subpar and showed Gerwicks inexperience as a director.
The score is over the top, the 'poor' family resides in a very well furnished home with beautiful couches behide a sepia filter and all of the actresses and actors are so pretty, it almost hurts. If these elements had been even more over the top (like in a Tarantino movie or in the few sequences where the characters break the fourth wall) this might have felt like it was on purpose. Instead it feels like Gerwick wanted to create a 'new' version of her favorite book and ended up with something that is more like a caricature of a classic. IF you watch it, do it for Ronan, Pugh and Dern who are all just magnificent actresses.