Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049 ★★★★½

Let's start with the one thing i kinda dislike about this movie: I don't care much for Ryan Goslings quiet and almost indifferent portrait of the main character K. I disliked this silent type in Drive and i dislike it here. (I am not saying it doesn't take skill to play these roles though). Why is it that Hollywood tends to think that quiet equald deep and complex character?
Anyway I guess this might be the one movie where it doesn't feel artsy, annoying or just the easy way to write a script. That is because the first Blade Runner didn't have a lot of background or character for Ford. The film kind of focused on the world creation that Riddley Scott was so famous for. Ford seemed almost like an empty husk, just there to show off the world. I feel like that might justify having the same kind of silent peotagonist in the sequel.

That brings me to the first reason why I like this film a lot. Whereas the first one created a fantastic universe, it didn't have a very interesting story. Nor did it have a lot of character growth or great pacing. This one, however, has excellent pacing and I find myself glued to the screen (even though it is kind of long). I care more about the characters (even K because Joi helps us understand him and love him through her eyes). The plot itself is just great as well. So complex and yet just a simple love story set in a complex universe.
That alone wouldn't make this a great Blade Runner sequel though. What does that is that the people behind this took the already cool universe and expanded upon it in the most creative and fitting ways. No overexplaining things for the original that we don't care about. Just new and really cool additions to an already great universe.
The final thing is that this film might be the prettiest and most wellmade film I've seen since Mad Max: Fury Road. It is downright gorgeous at times and the score is just perfectly fitting with heavy drones making you feel like Big Brother is watching.
Oh and did I mention that I don't even like the first Blade Runner and that I had VERY low expectations for this movie?

All that makes this one of my favorite sci-fi films and definitely the best noir film I've ever seen. I wish I had seen this on the big screen.

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