A Sun

A Sun ★★★★

I am so used to Hollywood holding my hand that I really didn't get what I was supposed to focus on during the first hour of the film. That resulted in me getting quite bored. However, after realizing the film wasn't about two young criminals but about a family, I started to get sucked into the film. The sounds, the smells, the dark streets. The panic when our protagonist's past catches up with him. The rain, the tension in a stolen car and a dirty deed. I felt it all.

This is first and foremost a film about duality. A mother's love and the despise of a father. A bad son and a good one. A criminal's way of life and the life of a worker. The beautiful nature and the filthy big city.
The film has absolutely brilliant acting, stunning pictures and an extraordinary score all making this the work of an auteur. Put down your phone and shut of the lights because A Sun deserves all of your attention. If you don't give it that, you'll be bored but if you do, you might just find yourself dragged into it like I did.