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  • Yellow Submarine
  • A Hard Day's Night
  • Help!
  • The Rutles: All You Need Is Cash

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  • Assault on Precinct 13

    Assault on Precinct 13


    [Commentary by Michael Felsher and art director/sound effects editor Tommy Lee Wallace]

    Despite the slow pace at which Tommy Lee Wallace speaks (I watched most of this commentary on 1.5x speed), this commentary track is a bit more interesting than the other one by John Carpenter alone.

  • Snake in the Eagle's Shadow

    Snake in the Eagle's Shadow


    [Commentary by John Kreng and "Kung-Fu Bob" (88Films 2021 UK Blu-ray)

Popular reviews

  • The Dark Knight Rises

    The Dark Knight Rises


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    RIDDLER: Riddle-me-this, Gothamites! What just-released movie about our Batty arch-nemesis has numerous annoying inconsistencies; strains believability irritatingly frequently; is not as good as either The Dark Knight or Batman Begins; is undeniably very flawed... but nevertheless contains some tremendously well-done, spectacular and uplifting individual moments and sequences? My friends and I will attempt to solve this quandary.

    HARLEY QUINN: Ahhh, shaddap, ya big green piece of punctuation! I gotta say, even though there's no-one in this movie that lights up…

  • On Her Majesty's Secret Service

    On Her Majesty's Secret Service


    The first time I saw most of the Bond films was when ITV showed all of them over consecutive weeks in 1999, in the run up to the release of The World is Not Enough. However, even though I videotaped OHMSS at that time, it went unwatched for several years. I really regretted that, because when it was finally viewed, it turned out to be one of my favourite of all the 007 movies.

    If there are three things that…