Zack Snyder's Justice League

Zack Snyder's Justice League ★★★★

There's something really purifying in this film, perhaps because its care for the characters is real or because Batman v. Superman was filled with political anxiety in which individual characters felt almost helpless. Here the solidarity between fully fleshed-out individuals becomes driving force for the good and our characters simply need to overcome their doubts and step up. I like how Snyder applies the slow-motion (most notably I remember Flash/Aquaman) as if to wrap the whole moment around character's emotion and isolation in a sense, to separate them from the "normal world" with their unique skills and fatigue. With Flash it's a sense of wonder but also an utopia of love that he has already lost when he is forced to save a life, it's their only touch and the moment when they lose each other sooner rather than later. With Aquaman it feels more straightforward but the way Snyder blocks him away from us and drowns to waves is powerful, a moment that is hard to put to words without it sounding uninteresting but a moment in which the power is in the way whole image is. Sometimes the images are so loud in their emotional charge that it just overcomes the other loudness that can be found in detail, action or score, and I think this is what makes the film so beautiful. Snyder isn't the greatest director when it comes to handling the actors (there are some instances in which the wooden dialogue or badly timed moments just make you grin) but his sense of visual drama just fits this beautifully digital, big-budget superhero opera rather perfectly. I've rarely been this immersed in a fantasy-world on "silver screen" but I can't help but to applaud at Snyder and his insane vision that ends up hitting the right notes despite sprawling a little here and there.

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