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  • Wild at Heart

    Wild at Heart


    I haven't had this refreshing film after a film since I rewatched Inherent Vice last year when news where showing nothing but shit. It's like feeling cold or otherwise dirty and going to warm sauna after a hard day and then coming out, taking something to drink and feel like world makes sense even if it is only for few seconds until it starts to wear off. This is for me the only way to describe Wild at Heart -…

  • Nomad



    It's just so absurd feeling to listen all day long the terrifying news from ignorance towards creeping climate change that decides the fate of humanity and wonder about one's mortality and then stumble upon a film that's been on your watch list for years and simply stare at it in awe. Nomad is a revelation, absurd and hard to put into words, but so goddamn beautiful. At points it is pure cinematic bliss and aesthetic pleasure, at points a single…

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  • Taramani



    Instead of saying "I trust you", a man will go to ridiculous lengths in his self-pity until he realizes that women are capable of making their own choices... My first film from Ram seem to be some incoherent ramblings put to a film form that is incredibly heavy, at points overacted and frustratingly sprawling. He attempts to deal with whole set of hot social topics such as alienation, jealousy in relationship that has roots in patriarchy, sexual harassment and sexism…

  • Ek Duuje Ke Liye

    Ek Duuje Ke Liye


    Highly uneven film that captures at first and lets down towards the end (though that might depend how much highly melodramatic acting one is ready to forgive as more or less belonging to this kind of romantic blockbuster). Admittedly the last half an hour was almost like torture and well, I guess it was the same for the lovers of the film so in the sense audience becomes one with their torture - the repetitive deferral of the tragic ending,…

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  • A Moment of Innocence

    A Moment of Innocence


    After watching this film, I realized I'm never going to be film critic or scholar. This beautiful feeling that I'm feeling cannot be put to words. I've realized that the greatest films are something about what you can write and write, try to open them and their beauty, try to ease your burden and wonderment but you simply can't put them to words. I've loved film theory but after a film like this, I can't help but to pretty much…

  • Mouchette



    There's a song that goes "How can you tell me, that you're lonely". The power that this song has on me, has also Bresson's piece on Mouchette (but on very different way and perhaps on very different level as well).

    We have seen many tears on the screen but have they ever been so pure and beautiful? She isn't martyr even though she shines similar light. When I think about "martyr", something unclean comes to my mind. I don't know…