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  • Halloween Kills

    Halloween Kills


    2021 | Jamie Lee Curtis | Anthony Michael Hall | Thomas Mann | Halloween | Slasher | Cinema 2021

    Hooptober Ocho: 25/39
    8 decades: 8/8 - 20s

    Yes. Yes. Yes.

    This was all I wanted and a lot more.

    "Halloween Kills" was my most anticipated film of the year and after rewatching the whole series last week I couldn't wait to watch the film. I am so glad to have seen the film in the sneak preview and even happier that the film was actually shown and that I did not have unnecessary…

  • No Time to Die

    No Time to Die


    2021 | Daniel Craig | James Bond | Cinema 2021

    I'm not the biggest fan of James Bond. There are a few films that I think are very great and in general I like the series, but over all, most of the films are nothing special to me and are becoming more and more blurred in my memories.

    With "No Time to Die" Bond actor number six (ignoring unofficial films) Daniel Craig celebrates his departure from the series. For me, his films are not among the…

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  • Audition



    1999 | Takashi Miike

    Hooptober Ocho: 28/39
    3 Asian horror films: 1/3

    Well, I don’t know, unfortunately I didn't find the film as good as everyone else thinks it. "オ ー デ ィ シ ョ ン" was my third film by Takashi Miike and I have to honestly say, it was the weakest so far. The film itself isn't weak, but I found "着 信 ア リ (One Missed Call)" and especially "殺 し 屋 1 (Ichi the Killer)" both a lot…

  • Species II

    Species II


    1998 | Michael Madsen

    For years I had scenes in my head that I couldn't assign to any film until I recently read the premise of "Species II" and knew, yes, that's it. I remember seeing part of the film when I was younger. I must have seen almost half an hour from where the astronauts come back and are placed under sexual quarantine to about where Gamble is on the boat, but the only thing I could remember were, who would…

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