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  • Possession



    Recommended by Julps2

    I have been hearing about Possession for years, and, up until now, I'd never found myself in a convenient enough position to watch it. My preconception of the film, that it was going to be a creative, but tedious story about a spurned lover casting a spell on his ex, ended up being wrong. I was met with something far more interesting, although certainly more difficult to digest.

    Żuławski throughout the film implies a level of expressionism…

  • Moonlight



    One of the most uncomfortable movies I’ve ever watched, but a gratifying experience nonetheless. The over-the-shoulder camera during a large portion of the first half of the film created a sense of being lost akin to what Chiron was probably feeling. I was gripped throughout. The pessimist inside me was expecting things to only get worse for him, so every time something good would happen I would brace for it to be ruined in some horrible fashion. I imagine that…