The Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad ★★★★

This is exactly what a Suicide Squad movie should be one gigantic crazy blood bath i mean its literally a bunch of expendable ridiculous supervillains, but when you give a madman such as James Gunn the freedom to do what he wants this is the result you get and what a freak circus it is, I don’t remember the last comic book movie i saw where I genuinely did not know if anyone would make it alive and it makes total sense that not that many get out of there they’re literally a Suicide Squad i hate how much people need to realize this, i’m pretty sure they had as much fun making this movie as us watching it, the beautifully coordinated fight scenes which get better and better as the movie progresses and the fun back and forth sweet and dumb banter between them that revealed so much about the characters without having the need to write in stupid colorful letters to tell who the characters are, it goes without saying some parts of the movie were not that good and seemed sometimes too crazy but that is a fine line which the movie crossed very rarely but i’m willing to let that go for the boldness of these choices, it felt weird after finishing the movie I couldn’t believe that i actually cared about a dude who shoots polka-dots, a lady who controls rats and a talking shark but i guess thats Gunn’s speciality, i’ll always appreciate the bold crazy choices they made and its very rare to see that nowadays certainly in the comic book genre .

A true insane bold imaginative brutal explosion of a movie fitting of its name