The Last Duel

The Last Duel ★★★½

I must say before seeing it i had the moderate hype i have for any Ridley Scott movie and when i saw Ben Affleck & Matt Damon’s weird blonde haircuts and imagining them speaking in a  medieval way with a french accent ( which they do not thank god ) did not help my expectations BUT my god they were amazing and one of the best i’ve seen all year especially Jodie Comer who continues to be outstanding and to amaze me every single time i see her in any role and Ben Affleck who played a very different role than he used to play, he plays a very odd character to say the least and he seemed to absolutely enjoy every minute of it, of course Matt Damon and Adam Driver delivered incredible performances too but thats not new news to any one

but the best thing about the movie is the choice to tell the story in three chapters and each one of them shows the story from on of the three characters point of view which instantly makes the movie much more interesting and much more difficult to make, I can’t imagine how hard it was to show the same scene three times without it being boring or confusing, thats why you need a good director with a great sense of detail and care to every little and subtle thing that can be pivotal to the story and Sir Ridley Scott is definitely that and more, and whats more surprising is Ridley’s energy, the movie is massive and takes place over a long period of time with a lot of extras and horses and is extremely brutal and disgusting in the best way possible every scene is shot masterfully and you would never have guessed that a 83 year old man is behind the camera, the editing was kinda odd too many scenes just end abruptly and the next scene is on but thats something you may not notice and was justified due to the size of the story and little time they had which I thought at first 2 and a half hour was a bit long but as it turns out not at all, in fact i wish it was longer