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  • Cast a Deadly Spell

    Cast a Deadly Spell


    not really good but i'll just about fall over for any high concept hardboiled bullshit people want to put together, not to mention anything with some good old fashioned puppets running around. zoned out for most of this but it's not like it's particularly hard to follow. seemed like everyone was having fun. anyways fred ward got kind of a bum deal. deserves better.

  • Class of 1984

    Class of 1984


    wish movies like this werent actually boring

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  • Speed Racer

    Speed Racer


    every so often I get really drunk and stay up past my bedtime and watch speed racer and cry through the grand prix to make sure I can still feel anything

  • Blackhat



    two lil details i noticed this time that i didn't pay attention to before:
    hathaway is little spoon when dawai walks in on him & lien in bed
    & he doesn't start wearing belts until after lien tells him he's acting like he's still inside

    i love every second of this movie so much