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    Man, do I love Bob Odenkirk.

    Back when the Tom Green show was playing on the Comedy Network here in Canada, we would always catch the end of the show leading into it. And very soon we were completely addicted to this show and were trying to remember who the fuck Tom Green was (please forgive me Mr. Green. I still adore Freddy Got Fingered). It was Mr. Show, and it was one of the funniest things I've ever seen.…

  • Mr. Bungle: The Night They Came Home

    Mr. Bungle: The Night They Came Home


    Absolutely incredible.

    I was down about not getting to see Bungle live this tour, but fuck, this was pretty goddamn fucking amazing.

    Bungle masterfully uses every aspect of a virtual concert that would be a detriment and makes it something special. Kind of like how a master filmmaker like Raimi makes a low budget work for him, making the film better.

    This is a one of a kind experience that wouldn't be possible seeing them live. Plus, the songs, the performances and the musicianship is, for me, the absolute best ever.

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  • The Woods

    The Woods


    A great idea.

    A couple admit on camera that they are going to make a hoax movie about Bigfoot killing them in the woods, then go out and make that hoax movie. And then Bigfoot kills them. Or does he?

    The filmmaker could have had a lot of fun or created great "are they or aren't they?" trickery, but after the setup it just becomes routine, hoax or not.

  • Salem's Lot

    Salem's Lot


    Not only one of the best TV movies ever made, and one of the best Stephen King adaptations but also one of the best vampire movies of all time (along with Hooper's Lifeforce).

    The vampires in this are legit scary, and downright nasty. And there is not one scene where they aren't used effectively. Every scene with a vampire is a good scene.

    And the TV movie atmosphere actually enhances the movie itself. Being a TV movie adds to that…

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