Tron ★★★★★

Whenever u get super down or are having a difficult week, remember that in 1982, Disneycorp gave Wendy Carlos her very own 2-hr computer-generated cyberpunk resurrection antimatter lazer lightshow to peak and valley electroacoustic synthorg orchestral blurs and whonks and durrrrs within/without, and everyone went to see it at the movies because it was completely awesome and everyone played the hyperreal arcade game at the arcade and a trans woman got paid. What is messed up and what might make u down if u think about it too hard is that some film directors get second careers in their film retirement to go on tours and play synthesizers to sold-out stadiums and record blockbuster horror movie soundtracks and sell those soundtracks on vinyl and on bandcamp and spotify and on amazon but to listen to a complete Wendy Carlos album on the internet you have to either listen to the Tron soundtrack on youtube/spotify (both of which also have Wendy's Main Title and 'Rocky Mountains' tracks from The Shining OST) or watch Tron the movie on Disneyplus and imagine that you are at a Wendy Carlos concert, in a stadium, full of cats and marijuana smoke that no one is allergic to, the dry ice and energy beams refract each other and Tron's immortal opening motif rises from the amplifer stacks as the movie is broadcast overhead and Wendy Carlos plays along to Tron live in front of you that would be so rad!!! and u could buy Wendy Carlos t-shirts and posters and merch in the lobby where u would mill around uncomfortably with a lot of other Wendy Carlos fans looking at the carpet or ur phone until it is time to come or go? i mean it is entirely possible that Wendy Carlos has no interest in doing any of this but a girl can dream, can't she???!!! <3 <3 <3 digital astral = trans heaven <3 <3 <3

note: ((like u can still totally buy some physical Wendy Carlos media on amazon and elsewhere!!! but not for long!!! it looks like her catalog was reissued in 2006 but it is going out of print and isn't streaming anywhere??? she has a website?

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