Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills ★½

brb! running for Haddonfield School Board on an anti-mask platform! gonna institute the Global War On Slasher Villainy!! (GWOSV!!) & erect a memorial in the town square to honor the lives of the first responders lost not only to Michael Myers but to all faceless killers!!! your sacrifice matters!!! every slasher movie over the last fifty years would have had a vastly lower body count resulting in long stretches of aimless wandering or pointless dialogue, elevated tracking shots of treelines, nine or ten reminders of what time it is on the screen, the sun lower and lower in the sky, the moon higher and higher, more Slasher POV time with labored breathing and leaves/twigs crunching underneath, that isn't what today's audiences want!!! today's audiences demand empty catharsis for a grief so vast it cannot be named! empty on purpose so that they come back again and again hoping they missed something hoping for a connection with the form itself with the return of the ritual i did what u wanted god of the harvest i brought you what u asked why do u scorn these gifts? have i displeased u somehow? i see that blankness, that goodbyeness in your eyes which are no longer eyes and i know now that my end truly has come stamp a hashtag in my name pledge to always remember join that facebook group vote in november!!! eternal vigilantism in the pursuit of extremism is no vice but it is not one of our top ten selling merch items the price paid is the cost of evil never winning freedom isn't free but we are running a fall special if you act quickly to right now save Haddonfield from a permanent state of exception again again our rapid response teams are standing by!!! Go Huskers!!!

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