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  • Pepperminta


    tfw u are instructed to playfully smear curdled menstrual blood concoctions onto unwitting service workers by your wise grandmother, who is actually a craft store eyeball rotating within a bejeweled polly pocket

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    Really impeccably shot/performed/location scouted violent identity crisis chamber drama, if a little bit at arms length and somewhat of a dry run for ideas and techniques Altman would later perfect and grant more emotional immediacy to in 3 Women. Love that the multiplicity of warring selves/lovers motif is also extended into a beautiful duo of Betty/Veronica colorway cavalier king charles pups

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  • 1001 Nights

    1001 Nights

    so criminal that artist Yoshitaka Amano is uncredited alongside Mike Smith on the letterboxd page--although Smith served as animation directer this is clearly the product of Amano's illustrative style and singular creative vision. A masterpiece of experimental/mixed media animation, seamlessly integrating labyrinthine CG-modeled architecture, sensuous, wafting watercolor animation, and intricate paper puppet character art into a kaleidoscopic, rhythmic wonder. The seamless, metamorphic compositional and material transitions in this film amaze and inspire me. While his previous animated collaboration with Mamoru…

  • Nell


    woefully underrated camp classic!!!! Jodie Foster's humiliatingly maudlin performance is incredible and I challenge anyone to watch the film without imitating her "Nellish" speech and mannerisms for a week afterward

    Very 90's in that it really feels like a surface level transcendental Enya music video about nature and innocence and *learning to feel alive again* thanks to a simple but enchanted feral mary sue. Pretends to be about linguistics and the flaws of the social work --> asylum pipleine but…