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  • Trainspotting



    Damn I like that scottish accent so bad.

    Trainspotting accompanies a group of junkie lads, but mostly, Mark (Ewan Mcgregor), as life passes through him. Whether they are doing drugs, trying to get some money or just trying to fit in a normal life, they are all bound to a strong connection made of ladship and heroine.

    The characters each have a very remarkable personality that represents every kind of shite youthful attitude. Combined with some "normal life" situations, as…

  • Porco Rosso

    Porco Rosso


    Rewatching this and I don't know why, but that story about that plane's heaven hit me differently this time.

    Also, I love how the film keeps switching between comedy, action and drama very quickly, and with actual good synergy. Almost if each one complement s each other.

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  • House



    In the beginning I was very confused.
    And at the end
    it looked like I was like in the beginning.

    Full of crazy flashing colors and sounds, House is about a teenager girl (Kimiko Ikegami) who misses her deceased mother and decides to go to her mysterious aunt's HOUSE where her mother lived. Also she took her friends with her, because why not?

    The entire movie has some weird editing, with psychedelic effects which makes most shots look like a…

  • Green Book

    Green Book


    Even though the main character had a good development throughout the film, at the end of the tour he still is very racist. I mean, it's very unlikely that he'll be free from the racist thinking in just a few weeks. They becoming friends afterwards does not mean that he is no longer racist. It's like in the famous fallacious quote "I'm not racist, I even do have black friends".

    I think the film wanted to convey the idea of…