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Favorite films

  • Thoroughbreds
  • Satan's Slaves
  • Moulin Rouge!
  • Halloween: Resurrection

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  • Christmas in Harmony


  • Love Hard


  • Jug Face


  • All Cheerleaders Die

Recent reviews

  • Christmas in Harmony

    Christmas in Harmony


    truly amazing how you have one very talented singer in luke james and a pretty competent one in ashleigh murray and still feel the need to edit (and in ashleigh’s case— DUB) the hell out of their voices to the hell.

    sidenote: i hate that it’s even worth nothing, but i was genuinely impressed to see that family was composed of actors with similar dark complexions. we all know hallmark and lifetime love a good light skin swirl action.

  • Love Hard

    Love Hard


    this was cute enough i guess…
    nina dobrev is charming once i get over my residual resentment for mia from degrassi.

    there wasn’t enough harry shum jr for my liking. give me the sequel that’s all about this deep seated insecurities and how it’s manifested in his obsession with bringing christmas cheer. the caroling scene was my favorite scene in the whole movie.

Popular reviews

  • Candyman



    sat on my thoughts for a couple days, so here we go. while a remake/spiritual sequel wasn’t anything i wanted in regards to candyman, when the trailers came out i was excited for what could be. but alas, i walked out of the theatre feeling underwhelmed. the message this film was trying to tell was redundant and outdated. In 2021, i just thought we would’ve moved past didactic blm phrases that some black owned company prints on a tshirt for…

  • Alice in Borderland

    Alice in Borderland


    like most, i am writing this about the live action netflix adaptation.

    watched it when it first aired and loved it. then squid game premiered a year later and the comparisons were inevitable. so of course i had to revise aib and see how it held up. 

    and boy… this show really is my bread and butter. there’s no pastel palette for the violence to hide behind. it stands in its griminess and even relishes in it. normally i would…