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  • I Care a Lot

    I Care a Lot


    Stunned by how bad this is. Imagine if the scammer in Unsane was also John Wick?

    This is so soulless.

  • Mank



    David Fincher's 'Mank' resolves itself into a Jew, sorry I mean dew.

    In the first half of this film there are many classic Hollywood style shots which is nice to see. 'Mank' is full of great quips, also redolent of that time. It really falls down at the end. Fincher is dealing with very worthwhile material and almost runs away from it back to a story about a single figure he can more readily comprehend.

    Fincher understands art even less…

Popular reviews

  • Youth



    Xeng Fiaogang 'Youth' is a deepy moving chronicle of the passage from the bubble of youth to the messiness, complexity and numbing nihilism that can exist in the adult world. It achieves its substantive depth from its acceptance of the transcience of time.

    The war is a metaphor for the youth being thrown into adulthood. The battle scenes, like previous Xiaogang films, are expertly made. They are shockingly violent and bombastic. This movie is almost impossibly moving.

    The leviathan-like sweep of history presses against the taut sensitivity of the characters.

  • Blindspotting



    This movie isn't that strong in the first half even though it deals with some important themes. Daveed Diggs is a good and sensitive actor. Commitment to authentic realism often comes as a result of trauma. This movie initially lacks it.

    'Blindspotting' picks up in the second half. Poorer people usually lead lives with more trauma which is more likely to lead to mistakes. Blindspotting begins to get that across emotionally. We witness a flow of chaotic experiences. There's an…