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  • Psycho



    One of my all time favorite pieces of film, Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho, ceases to amaze. From the allure that is Norman Bates to the tragic beauty that is Janet Leigh, this film pieces together frames intrinsically so as to create the work of art we know as Psycho.
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    Through the use of editing Hitchcock sculpts his film and leads the audience through the narrative of the plot through techniques in transitioning and certain shots. The most infamous scene…

  • The Third Man

    The Third Man


    Carol Reed's "The Third Man" explores the story of a writer, Holly Martin and his investigation of the death of a friend Harry Lime. The film takes place in post-war Vienna. To begin, the exploration of deep space in this movie was not only tremendously significant, but also articulately used to help convey the themes and emotions of particular scenes. By the film's usage of deep space in order to convey the story more clearly and creatively, I as an…

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  • The Night Train to Kathmandu

    The Night Train to Kathmandu


    Mysterious to time, almost hidden, "The Night train to Kathmandu" captures the story of a prince and his journey to Kathmandu and to "the city that never was". Johar, a prince whose origins go back to a city that cannot be seen by mere humans, ventures on a quest to Kathmandu. Upon taking a train, he meets a young girl named Lily Mccloud. While on the train to Kathmandu, he quickly befriends her and her little brother Andrew. The film…