Tenet ★★★★

I genuinely think Tenet is the best movie I’ve seen this year! It may not be the best of Nolan’s filmography, but it was definitely an exciting experience in theaters.

Tenet is the highly anticipated film from the one and only Christopher Nolan, and it follows a secret agent who is recruited to go on a spy mission to prevent World War 3, but soon discovered how he can manipulate the flow of time.

Well I didn’t think they would release it, but they finally did! Last night, my wife and I went to watch Tenet, and it was a thrilling, engaging, and exciting experience I’ve had at the movies! Granted, this movie can be really confusing. But you can’t deny how good the concept is when people do time travel in reverse. While I’m going to get to see other anticipated movies like Black Widow, Dune, and Wonder Woman ‘84 this fall, Tenet was the one for me that filled me up with so much anticipation. And now, I get to talk about it!

I’m going to get with the positives. The acting is phenomenal! You got John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, Kenneth Branagh, Michael Caine, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Now there are some movies that contain performances that you can either buy into them, but in this kinda acting, you could definitely buy from these actors. That is a what a director like Nolan expects from a group of actors. He don’t want half ass acting, or over dramatic acting. I’m sure he wants the heart and soul to be pushed out, but he wants it to be believably right. Washington proves to be as great as his father was, he was electrifying and I really hope the best for him in his career! Pattinson also has proven to be an incredible actor who has stepped up his game after those crappy Twilight movies. But after I watched him in Good Time, The Lighthouse, and The Rover, he shows how good his acting skills are. I can’t wait to see him in The Batman! Debicki was fantastic in her role! I know I haven’t seen her in a lot of stuff, but after seeing her in Widows and The Night Manager, she is a stunning and talented young actress. I hope I get to see her do more work with amazing directors and amazing actors!

Christopher Nolan still proves to be the best filmmakers who comes up with original concepts along with Quentin Tarantino! Whenever he comes out with the next exciting and engaging film, I’m going to be in line to watch it. I don’t know how he did it to make the time go in reverse, but good God it is so fascinating! There’s always been a lot of movies that have explored time travel, but nothing has been done like this. Especially for the spy genre! I love the incredible concept Nolan did with reversing time for a time travel plot, and while I think Tenet is not the best film he’s done in his entire career, I do love how he manages to make the film be a fun ride. I loved the score from Ludwig Göransson! While I love Hans Zimmer for his thumping scores in Nolan’s films, Göransson does have what it takes to make amazing and incredibly loud music. I also loved the action scenes, the cinematography, the editing, and the fact that Travis Scott did an original song for the film.

I’m going to get with the negatives. Now the only mixed reaction I have is the plot. It is so damned confusing and mind boggling to where I need to book a couple of seats just to see it again and understand it better. But the main problem I have is the sound. It is so damned loud you can’t watch it without having a headache or losing your hearing. For people who want to call it Nolan’s masterpiece, it isn’t a masterpiece. You know what’s a masterpiece? Inception. The Dark Knight. The Prestige. Those films are his masterpieces! But if you want to call it that, then that’s your right to have an opinion. I’m just stating mine. Now let’s not fight or argue and get along with each other. Remember, we are cinephiles united!

Should Tenet be watched in theaters around the world? Of course it should! I would want it to be example to the rest of the films that were delayed that if Christopher Nolan had the balls to release his film in theaters and make a decent box office success, then so can the directors and producers who made their own films before COVID started to exist. I’m definitely going to see it again in theaters to understand it better and pay attention, but if any of you who want to go back to the movies or if any of you have theaters that are reopened, then I suggest spending your hard earned money for a ticket and enjoy the ride!

I’m giving Tenet 4 stars!

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