Tenet ★★★½

Kinopolis Hanau mit Kelly
First movie back in the cinema and it's a Nolan Movie! Couldn't wish for a better restart, could I.
Well 2020.
I hate to say this but I am disappointed. 
I don't think it's because of my high expectations. I mean it's Christopher Nolan! 
First of all: Visual and technical achievements are outstanding and groundbreaking. Can't even imagine how they filmed some fightscenes where there's one guy fighting normal and the other is fighting inverted. It's crazy. 
What bothered me though is that the pacing of the movie was way too fast and they tried to fit so much stuff in way too less time. Scenes are skipping bye in doubletime it seems. 
I could clearly feel and for that matter hear that Hans Zimmer was not involved with the score. It's confusing at times and not well timed. The most of the time it was annoying. 
They really tried hard to establish the world and the rules of Nolan's idea, but couldn't donit in a compelling way. 
The acting was great! The stunts were outstanding. The Production design was flawless. The antagonist was moody and I think they took an easy out for the climaxreason.
I love Christopher Nolan's work! Have always, will always. This just didn't do it for me as I hoped it would've.