• Klaus



    By virtue of being a part film business - as a filmmaker, member of the audience, critic, actor, or otherwise - one has to inadvertently open up to judgment. Sometimes, scathing! 'That film's plot was too simplistic'!, 'That film had the worst music I had heard in years!', The cinematography was great, but the direction fell flat', 'How can you be fond of Nolan after watching Tarkovsky?' 'How do you consider mainstream films as works of art?'.

    In all these…

  • Pig



    Every time someone antagonizes Nicolas Cage's character in the film, you expect his signature outbreak, engulfing everything in its path in irredeemable fury. Instead, what you get, is a sombre, broken, yet strong reply. A reply in kind. Every time.

    I feel this is where the film - and inarguably Nicolas Cage's performance - shines through. The man is not out for revenge - as many would expect. He is just out looking for his pig. A pig by his…

  • Night of the Kings

    Night of the Kings


    When madness takes hold of men, their bloodthirst knows no bounds. That thirst creates chaos, the chaos instills fear, and the fear begets violence, and violence leads to death. We have millions of men like that whose life follows this precarious, deadly trajectory, often ending up in prisons. But, even after all the violence, death, and punishment, beneath the harrowing shells, they are, after all, just men. Men who would like to see the light of the day again. Men…

  • Paterson



    It is often said that to become a writer, you would have to live the life of a writer. I would respectfully disagree. As Paterson goes on to show, to become a writer, the most imperative thing is to,just, LIVE. Not for a goal. Not for vanity. Not for fame. Not for the perfection of an artform. But, to just live. Because it is in living that life deals its perfection back to us. It is in living that the…

  • The Spy Gone North

    The Spy Gone North


    What do we think of when we think of Espionage? Stoic spies, guns, gadgets, car chases, exotic locales, sinister antagonists? What if I told you espionage is mostly about RELATIONSHIPS. Yes! The relationships that a spy makes with so many across the board. The relationships that lay the foundation for the spycraft. The relationships that inseminate ambiguity. The relationships which instill doubt. The relationships that might be your death. Yet the relationships that, in the end, save your life.


  • Wonder Boys

    Wonder Boys


    The film had all the trappings of greatness. A scintillating Michael Douglas in form, an earnest Tobey Maguire, a decadently slick Robert Downey Jr, a reliable Frances McDormand, a heartfelt prodigy-mentor pairing, and a somewhat realistic look at University Education and Life.

    But, somewhere along the line, it lost the plot in its attempt to explore the mundane, the chaos it reeks, and the multitude of supporting characters it introduced without any direction for their arc. It did tie things…

  • Amadeus



    Being a Genius isn't the problem. The toll of trying to be one, while persistently being swamped in relative mediocrity, is. That is what defines Amadeus. The film might be named after Mozart, but the story is truly about Salieri, his rampant pursuit of greatness, and his constant failure to achieve it. For every Mozart in the world, we have hundred of Salieris who are great in their skill but don't have that one thing that might turn them into…

  • Collateral



    The brilliance of an actor is not in acing expectations. It is to defy with spontaneity. Dive into the realm of the unexpected. That can either wreck the film or resurrect it with a new elan. Tom Cruise, in the gilded spontaneous antagonist, does the latter in Collateral. You expect an actor of his stature to do roles that suit his persona, amplify his prodigal on-screen abilities. But, he takes a U-Turn, puts faith in the immaculate skills of Michael…

  • Army of the Dead

    Army of the Dead



    This film just goes on to show that the best bit of filmmaking in a Zack Snyder film, is still just the opening credits!

  • Boys State

    Boys State


    A startling, urgent film that just goes on to show that some boys might go on to become politicians, but most politicians are still, in many ways, just boys!