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  • Luca


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  • Luca



    My initial reaction after watching Luca is that I’d love to go to the Italian Riviera and ride a Vespa. My deeper reaction is that it’s been a while since a movie made me feel this good.

    Luca is a beautiful movie-really beautiful. That perhaps is par for the course from Pixar but this felt like they were taking it up a notch. The standout for me was a scene featuring a bike race in the rain that just looks…

  • Externo


    Externo is a movie that has a great concept but perhaps is weighed down by its over-stylised presentation.

    Leandro Taub plays Joseph, a man who seemingly views Earth as a business, countries as sub-sectors. He’s the ultimate opportunist, the master-puppeteer who through means of manipulation seeks to create and control a global Empire of his own. This concept is an intriguing one and Externo certainly poses many questions to the viewer. How do leaders run the world we live in?…

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  • Tenet


    I can’t remember feeling quite as conflicted about a movie as I do about Christopher Nolan’s latest vision, Tenet.

    Now let’s be clear, Tenet is a spectacular movie visually. It really is impressive and that should come as no surprise considering the craftsman. But the fact that we’ve come to expect such a visual feast from Nolan, doesn’t make it any less commendable nor should it be taken for granted.

    It’s breathtaking witnessing some of the effects in Tenet. We…

  • Jurassic Park

    Jurassic Park


    It’s a bit of a cliche when people say ‘they don’t make them like that anymore’. But in the case of Jurassic Park, they really don’t make them like that anymore.

    For anyone who hasn’t seen Jurassic Park, an entrepreneur and multi-millionaire (played by the late, great Sir Richard Attenborough) has created a theme park with genetically cloned dinosaurs. After a tragic accident occurs at the park, Hammond requires experts (Sam Neill and Laura Dern) to sign-off on the safety…