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  • The Witch

    The Witch


    Wouldn’t we all like to live deliciously?

    It’s good to put things into perspective. Despite all the biblical-scale madness happening this year, be thankful you’re not a God-fearing peasant farmer living in the bleak 1600s, procreating uncontrollably, banished for your supposed misdeeds, forced to scratch a living off dirt, plagued by blighted crops, tormented by demonic livestock, and cursed by a satanic coven of witches who dwell in the creepy woods behind your house.

    This is such an assured and…

  • The Seventh Seal

    The Seventh Seal


    I would quite happily sit down and watch an extended bonus feature where Antonius Block and Death do little more than play a protracted game of chess, exchange the odd quip, and ponder the meaning of life.

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  • The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

    The Texas Chain Saw Massacre


    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is often cited as the most influential horror movie ever made, and with good reason. Together with Black Christmas (which by chance was released the very same day as this) it essentially gave rise to the “slasher” format as we know it today; inspiring countless imitators in its wake that have attempted to replicate its beaten-up rural aesthetic and ruthless, no holds barred violence.

    Hampered by a meagre budget, burgeoning director Tobe Hooper had to be…

  • The Haunted Castle

    The Haunted Castle

    This is delightful. A brief but charming early showcase of the vibrant imagination and technical genius of pioneering French filmmaker, Georges Méliès. It’s incredible to think that, in 1896, when the cinematic experience was still very much in its infancy, there was already a man who had discovered the potential of film editing. In a mere three minutes, Méliès uses his technical wizardry to conjure all kinds of creepy and masterful manifestations—a hovering bat that morphs into the devil; a…

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  • Moonraker



    The one with the gondola hovercraft... and without a doubt the most ludicrous dramatic climax of the series.

    I have a real soft spot for this one. It is, even by the franchise’s typically absurd standards, one of the more ridiculous entries, but for me this is a large part of its appeal. Of all the Bond films (most of which I’ve seen countless times over) this is probably the one that I have watched the most often. Ten year…

  • Promising Young Woman

    Promising Young Woman


    This may not be the most flawlessly executed piece of satire that I’ve ever come across, but it is certainly a bold one. Emerald Fennell’s impressive feature debut is a revenge movie that breaks the mould—shunning the usual violent, blood-fuelled path of retribution that is typical of such films in favour of weaponising language and gesture instead. Fennell’s film is unusual in that it doesn’t appear to be driven by a need to induce a cathartic reaction in its audience;…