Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★½

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Cassie & Nina

I've been sleeping on this one for awhile, but wow, am I glad I squeezed it in before the Oscars tonight. Promising Young Woman is a powerful, emotional look into the sins, both great and small, of a society conditioned to turn away from ugly truths. That drunk and willing are two entirely incompatible things. That "innocent until proven guilty" is a great concept, until someone you love is on the other side of it. That everyone (even that "nice guy") has some not-so-nice things in their past that they may be happy to leave behind, but that may have had some profound effects on others that can't be left behind.

Cary Mulligan gives a command performance, and Emerald Fennel (in her directorial debut, no less!) has created something truly extraordinary. Highly Recommended.

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