Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★

So had I not known this was a Guy Ritchie flick I might have been tempted to be a bit more generous with the rating. It's a wonderfully directed, solid, macho action film with an interesting non-linear storytelling approach. Jason Statham gives another admirable performance as another laconic, gruff meatloaf. The action is pulse pounding and very well edited. The story gets proper bleak too. But knowing this is a Guy Ritchie film, it just feels so strangely lifeless and devoid of any of his usual charm. The dialogue is never as sparkling as last year's brilliant The Gentleman or Ritchie's earlier low budget capers like Snatch or Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels nor are any of the actors talented or charismatic enough to carry this sort of cynical, gritty Michael Mann-esque thriller. I mean all the actors are doing a well enough job and I felt like the third act narrative shift towards the band of bank robbers is a fine move but even tho Laz Alonso and Raul Castillo have been great in other works, they just kinda give an unremarkable performance. This film feels very functional. It's extremely well engineered with great looking cinematography, interesting shot choices and compositions, an absolutey core shaking double bass score but it's just sort of fine. I definitely recommend this film. It's definitely very well made. There's like a Heat meets League of Gentlemen thing going on here and the premise is actually quite interesting it's just that it feels kinda lifeless in its bid to be a sort of sparse thriller. But, seriously, that score is really incredible.

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