Moxie ★★★½

the weirdest part is that her mother didn't teach her about feminism before. how did she live 16 years of her life as a white girl, daughter of a feminist from the late 80s, without knowing the basics like "hey it's not the girl's fault", "hey women are people". Maybe my country's education is superior to the US' one.
I liked the side characters better, the captain of the soccer team, the new girl, the mother even. But idk this movie feels a bit 2016 to me, very superficial almost "introduction to a 13 year old that never read anything about sociology or basic human rights and women issues". Are we supposed to believe that nobody before complained abt those issues? Okay maybe.
It starts slow. But it gets a better rythm after maybe 27 minutes.
Most of the actors are a bit too old for their roles as adolescents. I guess it's a netflix thing. And omg the main character is a teenager that never used social media or what? But she grows during the movie. Which is nice to see.
I think Amy Poehler is good at this (making movies). I hope her next work is a bit more detailed (?) I can't seem to find the word.

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