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  • The Merry Widow

    The Merry Widow


    As someone who loved Greed when I saw it about 8 years ago and is a die-hard fan of the Lubitsch version of this, I came into this movie with high expectations.

    While I knew there would be narrative changes, I didn't expect Von Stroheim to consign most of the original plot to the last 30 minutes in an attempt to refashion the story into a romantic melodrama more to his liking. This slowed pacing and reframed story makes the…

  • Hairspray



    It's wild how little dialogue there is in this movie compared to the over-written musical remake. Most of it is just vibing and John Waters craziness which makes for a watchable time.

    Also I now no longer feel clever for noticing a resemblance between Debbie Harry and Michelle Pfeiffer.

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