The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel ★★★★★

The Grand Budapest Hotel is now my second FAVOURITE Wes Anderson film. I absolutely adored this film. Like Moonrise Kingdom it's beautifully shot. The colours are exquisite. The cinematography is beautiful. The story is incredible. The characters are written so well. The story itself is written so well.

I just love everything about this film. Wes Anderson is one of the best directors in cinema. There really isn't anyone like him that makes films this beautiful. Each shot is beautiful. The use of colours is absolutely breathtaking. The way Wes uses the camera in this film is magnificent.
The Grand Budapest Hotel is one film I've heard a lot of people talk about that and Fantastic Mr. Fox and I'm so glad I've watched this film. It might be just one of the most beautiful films I've ever seen. Wes Anderson style is so unique and elegant.

The story is amazing and it's written so well. The dialogue between the characters is brilliant. The characters in this film are all amazing. Ralph Fiennes is absolutely magnificent. His uses of humour, sarcasm and seriousness is brilliant. This my favourite performance by Fiennes. He's absolutely incredible. Tony Revolori is also fantastic. The chemistry between both of them is brilliant. They're absolutely incredible together. The rest of the supporting cast are exceptional particularly Adrian Brody he's hilarious and brilliant.
Also I'd like to point that the music in this film. Is absolutely phenomenal. Alexandre Desplat music is phenomenal. I had no idea he won best score at the Oscars. Very well deserved the music is incredible.

I have thoroughly enjoyed watching Wes Andersons films. He's absolutely incredible and one of the best to do it in Hollywood. He's got his own style and his own bubble on how he makes his films through the use of colours. The camera shots the way he conveys them. Even the costumes in his films are so elegant and rich they even have a story themselves.

The Grand Budapest Hotel is another beautiful film. Its beautifully presented and shot. The colours are incredible. It truly is my second FAVOURITE Wes Anderson film. Its absolutely amazing and I enjoyed this film so much. I'd like to say how Wes Anderson doesn't have an Oscar yet is beyond me because that man is a genius.

The Grand Budapest Hotel is a marvellous film and a delight to watch