Home Sweet Home Alone

Home Sweet Home Alone ★★½

Sadly, it is NOTHING compared to the original! Even though it featured the big brother from Home Alone (who is still the same jerk as before, I may add).
The problem wasn't that it was trying to be funny like the original; some bits in it were amusing, but rather it was sympathizing with the crooks, which the first film didn't; it at least had actual crooks - incompetent crooks, but crooks nonetheless.

Plus, I don't know why they had a British kid in an American film. If there were trying to cast a British kid and mum then they ought to have made a British version of Home Alone, with some British comedians.

Sadly, this film was ruined, and I blame the writers for their lazy writing and probably the lack of observing the original film. Shame on you!

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