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  • It's a Sin

    It's a Sin


    Check out my British Film, 🌈 Rainbow Cinema LGBTQ+, and
    Romance lists!

    Ritchie: "I wanna be anyone. I wanna be Hamlet, I wanna be Romeo. But if I said I’m gay, I’d be just the clown."

    It’s a Sin is one of the best miniseries ever, particularly for its authentically powerful depictions of queer communities in London spanning from 1981 to 1991! A heartfelt, hilarious and poignant drama that chronicles the friendship among four friends during the AIDS epidemic in…

  • The Father

    The Father


    Check out my 2021 Oscar & Golden Globes Nominees, British Film, and Best of 2020 lists!

    Blurring the boundary between realities and imaginations, The Father is a sharp and teasingly diabolical drama dealing with a sensitive topic--dementia. When an aging man, Anthony (Anthony Hopkins), refuses all assistance from his goodhearted daughter, Anne (Olivia Colman), time gradually reveals his drastic changing perception of the surroundings, challenging his sense of memory, state of mind, and situation of materiality.

    Adapted from Florian Zeller’s play,…

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  • Another Round

    Another Round


    Check out my Scandinavian Cinema, 2021 Oscar & Golden Globes Nominees, and Best of 2020 lists!

    "What is youth?
    A dream.
    What is love?
    The content of the dream."
    --SΓΈren Kierkegaard

    Based on Norwegian psychiatrist Finn SkΓ₯rderud’s theory that humans are born with an alcohol blood level 0.05% too low, Druk (Another Round)’s premise revolves around four high school teachers testing the social and psychological effects on a daily basis.

    Directed by Thomas Vinterberg, starring Mads Mikkelsen, Thomas Bo Larsen, Magnus…

  • Acts of Love

    Acts of Love


    Check out my Hot Docs 2021, Documentary, and 🌈 Rainbow Cinema LGBTQ+ lists!

    Acts of Love has an interesting idea about gay love and sex, but it fails to execute the plan with visions. Even if some of the subjects have insightful thoughts to share, they were mostly ignored or excluded from the cut, which is poor editing with random narcissistic voice-over narration and still photographs. The mother offers opposite opinions about the acts of being pretentious, yet the filmmaker neglects the constructive criticism from others.

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  • Contagion



    Check out my Science Fiction, and Psychological Thriller lists!

    Set in the contemporary world, Contagion is a science fiction thriller about the spread of a deadly virus transmitted by respiratory droplets and fomites, and the medical, political and societal responses that follow the death of Beth Emhoff and her son. With a stellar cast, a gripping pace, and a subject matter as hard to shake as the virus that spreads through its story, Contagion is a smart, startling thriller that…

  • In the Same Breath

    In the Same Breath


    Check out my Hot Docs 2021, and Documentary lists!

    Following her enormous success of One Child Nation, I Am Another You, and Hooligan Sparrow, Nanfu Wang has established herself as an influential filmmaker. In her most recent effort, Wang turns her lens to the COVID-19 pandemic through In the Same Breath, a powerful and thought-provoking documentary.

    It opened with the Chinese New Year in 2019 when people started to feel sick. With an investigative journalism approach, Wang explores the beginning…