V/H/S/94 ★★★

“Holy Hell” - terrible acting, doesn’t make a lotta sense, not sure how it really ties everything together
“Storm Drain” - this is camp! I love it!
“The Empty Wake” - chilling concept and the reveal was great but I wish the camera didn’t cut away from tense-building scenes so much
“The Subject” - way too long. They teased the cyborg reveal way too much that when we finally saw what it looks like, I didn’t really care much anymore
“Terror” - wasn’t sure what was happening at first and it was NOT a pleasant experience watching those men

Overall, the best segments of V/H/S/94 (Storm Drain, The Empty Wake) only matches the fillers from the first two. Still, it’s a huge improvement from V/H/S/Viral.

RANKED: V/H/S franchise

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