WALL·E ★★★★★

I have absolutely NO holdups boasting this as one of my favorite films of all time. So much so, that I find it incredibly difficult to understand how every viewer doesn't feel the same.

This motion picture is PERFECTLY air-tight, wonderfully written and paced, the emotional beats are resounding and integral, the dialogue (or lack thereof) is paramount, the character arcs are excellent, the comedy flawlessly complements the drama, the socio-economic commentary packs a close-to-home punch, and above all else the target demographic of Wall-E is without borders.

There is SO very much to be said about the love that unfolds on screen here. There is SO much to be said about the way that Wall-E and EVE learn each other so thoroughly. The patience used to articulate what these humanoid robots mean to each other pays immense dividends. Watching Wall-E show EVE every last trinket he's ever found, everything he's ever been proud of, and with each one EVE sheds a new light (sometimes literally) on the wonders they offer. Each time Wall-E gets himself into a mess he can't get out of, EVE is there to drag him begrudgingly to safety.

He's a clumsy one-track mind with a tendency to land himself in precarious scenarios, and she's a multi-talented work-horse with the answer to the riddle. At the culmination of their learning each other's ways, they frolic through space and gaze at each other with the eyes they've only got for each other. I could go on and on and on, but I'll cut it off. This is some of the very best on screen love there's ever been, and it's built by the teeny-tiniest gestures you might otherwise miss if you sneeze.

I want everybody to see this and let it sick all the way into their bone marrow. Wall-E is the film hero that we need, but not the one we deserve. I'll never grow weary of this movie and I recommend it to anyone who will let me.