Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★½

"You know they put themselves in danger, girls like that. If she's not careful someone's gonna take advantage." - Paul

Best way to enjoy this film is to go in absolutely blind. No trailer, no checking who’s in the supporting cast, don’t even check a synopsis. All you need to know is Promising Young Woman is a dark comedy filled with surprises all the way to the very end, and Carey Mulligan delivers a performance worthy of a Best Actress Oscar nod. Also, it’s written and directed by the multi-talented Emerald Fennell.

With such an original script, the pacing is never slow, everything is calculated yet happens so quickly, it might make your head spin. The music and the score are on point, expertly emphasising dramatic nuances. Also songs like Raining men by Weather girls, Boys by Charlie XCX and Toxic by Brittney spears are some of very many musical highlights. The way it is shot, my goodness, with the framing, popping colours and neon lights, looked so sweet like “Candy”. 

There are not a lot of films that display dedication to a cause such as this, both on and off screen. This film is absolutely one of the highlights of the dreaded year 2020. Certainly, this film may divide some audiences due to its audacity, and where it takes its subject matter to. However, It’s doing what no man (or more specifically, woman) has ventured before that makes art unique and remarkable. That’s what puts Promising Young Woman on a cinematic pedestal.

Best of 2020

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