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  • Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me
  • The Holy Mountain
  • Possession
  • Female Trouble

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  • Children of the Night


  • Severed Ties


  • Lisa and the Devil


  • The Power


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    Portfolio #12

    “You think I don’t understand? The hopeless dream of being? Not seeming to be, but being? Conscious and awake at every moment. At the same time, the chasm between what you are to others and what you are to yourself. The feeling of vertigo, and the constant hunger to be unmasked once and for all. To be seen through, cut down...perhaps even annihilated.”

    After a performance, prolific stage actress Elizabet Vogler (Liv Ullmann) spontaneously and willing decides to…

  • Possessor



    Portfolio #11

    “Just think, one day your wife is cleaning the cat litter and she gets a worm in her, and that worm ends up in her brain. The next thing that happens is she gets an idea in there, too. And it's hard to say whether that idea is really hers or if it's just the worm. And it makes her do certain things. Predator things. Eventually, you realize that she isn't the same person anymore. She's not the…

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  • Children of the Night

    Children of the Night


    Karen Black plays a vampire named Karen, and if that’s not peak cinema, I don’t want to know about it

  • Ms .45

    Ms .45


    bag lady muttering to herself: “Don’t know why they want to persecute me because I don’t talk to women. All women do is laugh and sing and say the word ‘pussy.’ You ask any doctor and he’ll tell you that.” 

    Abel Ferrara shows off his signature grimy, sleazy, gritty, New York-based style here in a way that overcomes the camp of his previous The Driller Killer but hasn’t become quite as realized as, say, Bad Lieutenant yet, although it’s really great in its own right as a rape-revenge thriller. Good 👏🏻 For 👏🏻 Her 👏🏻. Men are pigs.

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  • Us



    I dunno guys. I feel like I watched a totally different movie than the one you all hyped up. Maybe I read too many positive reviews beforehand and got my expectations too high, and maybe that 4 star average led me on a bit, but I thought this was inferior to Get Out and I wasn’t really thrilled with it. It was kind of corny. I wasn’t sure whether to laugh throughout or what, because that’s what most of the teenagers…

  • Climax



    “If you couldn’t dance, what would you do?”

    I just had the chance to experience this at a theater for an exclusive, late showing and I know now that seeing this on the big screen is the definitive way to watch it. It should be watched on the biggest screen with the biggest sound system, period. I’m pretty sure the neighboring movies HATED us because the volume was pumped the fuck up. At first I thought it was…