Death Screams

Death Screams ★★★★

I have been waiting most of my life for this to get a release of ANY kind and when it finally does, it’s from Arrow?! See kids, Satan does listen!

I first saw this gem on the USA Network on a Saturday afternoon in the very early 90’s as part of a double feature with Killer Party and they both stuck with me for years afterwards, but this one did especially because there’s a scene towards the end where a girl falls through a rotten floorboard and gets caught hanging into the closet below where the killer is waiting and he rips her in half as her friends try to pull her out! If that sounds like a scene you saw in Stagefright: Aquarius that’s because it’s almost the same except this was made years before that! So that single scene traumatized me as a kid and I never forgot it. I remember going to my best friends house after watching this because my parents had some 80’s party to go to and it was all I could talk or think about the whole time I was at her house. Well, that and the scuba killer from Killer Party. The video store I worked at ten years later had a copy under the alternate title House of Death, but there were so many horror movies that I never got around to watching this again. I did find a copy on the tube of you a few years back but it was hard to make out anything happening during the night time grand finale killing spree so I was not very satisfied, but thanks to Arrow you can see all the gut ripping glory in clear view even if the whole scene is just entirely too quick. It’s 100% worth it.

There’s also a lovely bullet induced head explosion near the end and the whole first half takes place on a total 80’s small town complete with carnival and merry-go-round death scene. The general store has cigarettes for sale sitting right on the counter in racks. Those were the glory days!

And I didn’t even know back then that this was filmed in my home state of NC at Lake Lure and I’ve actually been there! 4 solid stars!!

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