Deadly Dreams

Deadly Dreams ★★★

Very underrated little horror thriller that I thoroughly enjoyed! Everyone talks about how awesome the poster is and I totally agree except I always thought it was supposed to be a rat and apparently it’s a wolf?! Go figure.

The lead actor is hella cute and it certainly doesn’t hurt that he is half naked for most of the movie. Juliette Cummins does a phenomenal job in a role I just didn’t realize she had the chops to pull off. Xander Berkeley plays his usual smarmy self but he’s always hot in roles like that.

I know a lot of people like to say that this isn’t a true horror film because all the horror scenes take place in dream sequences but I don’t think that’s fair. Horror is horror whether it’s presented in real life or not. I mean, if you want to go by that argument than the entire NOES franchise wouldn’t be considered horror and that’s just completely untrue.

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