Climax ★★★★★

Well shit! I had put off watching this because Noé’s Irreversible was the most traumatic viewing experience of my adult life. I mean, I’ve seen much more shocking material, but that movie just crept in under my skin and stayed there.  Still, for no particular reason I suddenly decided that tonight was the night to delve into this movie and frankly I fucking loved it.

I’ve written about my experience accidentally ingesting a large quantity of acid so I’m not going to revisit all that here, but I will say that this perfectly encapsulates the sheer terror of that unknown madness covering everything around you and what I found really interesting was that instead of the horror unfolding through the eyes of the characters, we are given a glimpse from the outside looking in and it’s no less horrifying. I dare say the group of people I experienced this with went equally insane, but we were a much smaller number.

The sprawling yet claustrophobic setting reminded me of so many late night after parties I’ve been to where every room is it’s own little world almost entirely unaware that any other exists. So many shots reminded me of moments from my past party life and that’s a good thing and a bad thing so there were lots of feelings happening. The lighting was very Argento-esque for sure, but also just reminded me of some damn fine mood lighting set by someone who knows what’s in store for the evening.  The music was exquisite and absolutely provided that little bit extra to bring this to a full 5 stars.

Well done, Gaspar. You got me with Irreversible and you got me again here, but in a way I’ll definitely keep coming back for.

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