WALL·E ★★★★


By far the most artistic and contemplative film that Pixar has ever done. A mature film wrapped in a plot of high social content with strong symbolism that allude to humanity, environmentalism and even dictatorships.

God just think about it, the plot is so brilliant that many forget that it is a love story.
When we had seen on a film 2 robots in love dancing in space?
When we had seen a robot taking care of a plant to save an entire planet?

Other positive things:

💫 Wall-E has more personality than the 5 characters of Inside Out, In fact it is the best character they have designed in every way. It's like Charles Chaplin made robot.

💫 Sound and animation are extraordinary, even by the standards of Pixar.

💫 The music is wonderful.

Things I did not like :

🎇 Human characters lack personality and their dialogues seem too silly.

🎇 Too many casualties occur (Example) the robot with the plant appears on the same ship that Eve would send back to Wall-E.

🎇 The film loses quality because it try to be also suitable for young audiences. In fact it focuses more on pleasing the adult audience (which I appreciate) but falls halfway, is the film that entertains infants less.

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