• Untold: Malice at the Palace

    Untold: Malice at the Palace


    Interesting look at one of the most infamous events to take place at a sporting arena...wish more Pistons players perspectives' were taken into consideration for this although at the one hour mark it is hard to fit the whole story into the script. Forgot about the impact this had on Reggie Millers' last hoorah at a finals trip.

  • All That Jazz

    All That Jazz


    This film takes a look at the most worrisome event that will ever occur to all of us and through great humanization connects to an audience the anxiety of such a time unlike most other films I have seen that deal with the subject death directly. All the while it splices in completely "inappropriate" tone montages/moments that try dearly to make light of a situation that we all know is not going to end well and by doing so creates…

  • Jasper Mall

    Jasper Mall


    Love how the dialogue supplements the film. Lots of philosophical musings to take from this. Simple and effective. To even be compared with the works of Frederick Wiseman says enough.

  • Brüno



    Scene after scene after scene of absolute nonsense and brilliance all at once. Love it.

  • Un Flic

    Un Flic


    *essentially took a few months off of viewing films, think I'm gonna jump back in*

    I love the rapid editing during crucial moments of tension that dart from pair of eyes to pair of eyes (reminding me of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly)doing masterwork without needing dialogue. This is a crime film, first and foremost. Love triangle? No...this movie is not and it's description on the site does not truly represent the film. If anything the main relationship…

  • Dressed to Kill

    Dressed to Kill


    Visually wonderful and always interesting to look at although it's narrative weight feels rather fluff. Still looking for more films by him that remind me of the greatness that is Blow-Out.

  • The Living End

    The Living End


    ''They're my favorite!"

    Explosive queer cinema as two men enter a treacherous descent into chaos together. beautifully shot (that last shot,,, woahhh) but i wanted to feel pity for our protagonists and i just couldn't.

  • Parasite



    Formally perfect, the editing is as good as it gets and I bet it often gets overlooked when discussing this film. Exquisite pacing.

  • Child's Play 2

    Child's Play 2


    Hooptober 7.0 (#31/37)


    The toy factory scene is everything, what a fantastically horrorific way to finish the film. I viewed this a few days ago and I don't recall much else from this besides that and Brad Douriff's chucky voice skills, so whacky yet still quite sinister.

  • Tigers Are Not Afraid

    Tigers Are Not Afraid


    Hooptober 7.0 (#30/37)


    The horror here is the actual reality of living in the slum streets as a ki ad it is indeed quite terrifying. The fantasy elements sprinkled in here gave this sort of a film a nice twist to keep things fresh and as a viewer, on my toes. Good child performances and the climatic moments play out strongly supported by the score.

  • Ganja & Hess

    Ganja & Hess


    Hooptober 7.0 (#29/37)


    When I loaded this up I had to check a different source to make sure I had the correct version (wanted to make sure mine wasn't an extra zoomed in version, sometimes I run across those) then I just realized it was the style of the film, frames that looked a little too close and an overall low-production jumbly feel. I loved Bill Gunn's screen presence here and his delivery of lines, seemed improvised and natural.…

  • Defending Your Life

    Defending Your Life


    A film that takes a good long look at fear in the mirror. I appreciate that.
    Brooks is funny, as he normally is, and Streep plays her part with a charming bravado sure to make any guy want to throw fear out the window. I had a tear in my eye when the credits played.