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  • The Ring
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  • Twister
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  • Halloween Kills

    Halloween Kills


    Rating: B-

    My main problem with the 2018 film was that I didn't feel Laurie's trauma was earned. Cutting out the second film in the timeline was also a major mistake. Even if they included Halloween II (1981) in this universe, I don't buy that she's this bad ass Sarah Connor living in the woods. It felt incredibly forced.

    Now onto the new film: I actually enjoyed it overall. I was totally into the mob of townspeople hunting down Michael.…

  • The Vigil

    The Vigil


    Rating: B

    What an eerie film! Its the kind of film that checks the boxes of things that I love such as a haunting score and excellent use of sound overall. Digging that electronic screeching and buzzing. The director also makes great use of the dark in this film; things going bump in the night and appearing out of nowhere. I did feel however more could have been explained towards the end. It seemed to have been breezed over. I would have also liked more of a resolution when it came to the main characters trauma.

Popular reviews

  • Us


    Rating: D-

    Feels like an unfinished script got the greenlight. The director spends way too much time with exposition and purposely doesnt add an explanation. As a result, the movie comes across as random and the filmmaker looks lazy. On top of that, I was bored out of my mind. They add random bits of comedy through out that completely take away any tension that was present.

  • Halloween


    Rating: D

    What a joke of a film. Boring dull lifeless and no energy. I didnt give a crap about any of the new characters other than Judy Greer. The plot is a rehash fan jerk fest that doesnt make any sense. Michael still thinking Laurie would be in the same town fourty years later is stupid. This is the best they came up with. Michael has zero presence on film. They do absolutely nothing to make him scary or…