Doctor Sleep

Doctor Sleep ★★★★★

Thirteen reasons why the Director’s Cut of Doctor Sleep is one of my all time favorite horror movies.

1. Boxes, and what sort of person uses them.
2. Rebecca fucking Ferguson.
3. The fact that Mike Flanagan had to make a sequel to the movie and the book in one go, and Did The Thing.
4. Sobriety chips.
5. Jacob Tremblay’s outstanding performance that lasts for all of five minutes and still manages to be one of the best performances by a child actor ever.
6. Dan’s character arc.
7. Chalkboards.
8. Like father like son. Ashes to ashes.
9. The way the AA leader’s office is built exactly like the hotel manager’s, down to the scenery outside the window.
10. The piano. You know the one.
11. Every death scene, up to and including the finale.
12. The Newton Brothers’ show stopping recreation of the original film’s score.
13. “Nothing to be scared of, sleeping. Maybe you wake up some place better.”