Moxie ★★½

Perhaps I should list all the stories that would’ve been more interesting than Vivian the white feminist:
- Lucy, her experience coming to this new school, being Afro latina, being harassed by Mitchell and starting a zine inspired by her hometown 
- Lucy and Amaya’s relationship 
- Emma, dealing with the aftermath of being r*ped and the list
- Claudia, dealing with finding her place in feminism and her overbearing mother by starting a zine
- The disabled girl and her experiences in the band and being a disabled woman in a violently misogynistic school, creating a zine to speak out bc she has been so silenced
- The women of the basketball team starting moxie to protest the unfair treatment and protest for equal financial support
- CJ’s experiences with transphobia at this terrible school as she tries out for the school musical, she creates the zine to speak up for herself after talking to Lucy about zines
- literally focusing on all the women‘s storylines as an ensemble

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