Nocturnal Animals

Nocturnal Animals ★★★★½

Nocturnal Animals is a display of stylish film making that does not compromise on the substance. Tom Ford has so clearly committed himself entirely to this project and the result is an immaculate film full of emotional heft and dedicated and rigorous film making. The two stories that proceed coincidentally bring different things to the film. The more compelling of the two is Jake Gyllenhaal's adventure through Texas while Amy Adams' stories ground the film more in reality and provide a more human element. The former has some heartbreaking moments and several scenes of insurmountable tension one in particular being the events that ensued when Tony and his family get run off the road. This storyline also gives us the chase and the thrill and the catharsis that were necessary from this film.

The cast is just unbelievable, Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal are obviously fantastic but Michael Shannon, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Isla Fisher all offer supporting performances that near enough steal the show when they're on screen. I want to give this film a 5 I really do but unfortunately, when a film demands your attention as much as this did your more likely to notice some things that don't sit right with you. In this case they were minor but still present, mostly the opening sequence which was uncomfortable and lengthy and felt unnecessary and I don't think that the Amy Adams moments carried the same weight as Gyllenhaal's moments it was when we came back to them that the film felt most whole.
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