• Tiptoes


    It’s a real thing.

  • Beauty and the Beast

    Beauty and the Beast


    Disney turned its most cinematic property into the most uncinamatic, motion-blur bore.

  • The Fugitive

    The Fugitive


    Predictable yet I'm sure wildly influential on the bullet ballets of John Woo and Johnnie To. Stylistically similar to the spaghetti western. Even borrows some of Morricone's scores.

  • The Sniper
  • Skeletons in the Closet

    Skeletons in the Closet


    Ok little doc on the history of J-horror. It's a mix of interviews, footage from films, and dramatic reenactments. Plays like a silly History channel docu, but still interesting regardless.

  • I Lived, But...

    I Lived, But...

    The title of this film is actually "I Lived, But..."

  • May Love Be Restored

    May Love Be Restored


    Interesting little melodrama about an affair between a prostitute and a trainee monk who once knew each other when they were young and are now reconnected.

  • Remember the Night

    Remember the Night


    Great film featuring the first pairing of Mac Murray and Stanwyck and the last film penned by Preston Sturges before he realised that the only person that should be making his screenplays into features is himself. An overlooked holiday gem.

  • Effi Briest

    Effi Briest


    It is strange that most things in my life may aptly be described as "almost".

  • A Scream from Silence

    A Scream from Silence


    Directed by Anne Claire Poirier. 1979

  • Silent Hill: Revelation 3D

    Silent Hill: Revelation 3D

    The common misstep with most horror sequels is that the filmmakers, writers or whoever feel that they need to treat their audience like idiots. Granted, the majority of which is completely idiotic, but the only people that may have had interest in this would be the people who actually cared for the first film, a film which I actually liked. Where the first film left things ambiguous with room for interpretation, the second destroyed that creativeness and replaced it with…

  • Johanna



    The fact that Bela Tarr was one of the producers on this film has always made me very curious to eventually check this out. Now that I have, I wonder what peaked his interest in drug addict opera.