Sausage Party

Sausage Party ★★

If you're going to offend, offend everyone, motherfucker. At least that's how I see the world. Seth Rogen and his gang have created a cartoon for adults, and I should be jumping for joy. Instead, I'm left disappointed. Very disappointed. 

I respect all faiths or lack of faith. Your life is your choice. Do what you want. Fuck you to anyone who stands in your way. But, don't mock. Don't be so damn obvious. From the opening song I knew Sausage Party was a mockery of religion, especially, Christianity. What the fuck? You could've been a little less obvious, Seth. I would give examples, but the entire movie is pretty much a 90 minute add for Club Atheist. 

I thought I would've laughed a lot. I didn't. Sure, a few of the jokes worked, but a lot fell flat. The food products swear like sailors. The food products fuck like rabbits. James Franco literally loses his head. I guess all of this is okay, because the movie is anti-religion? I guess that's how our world works today? But, I would be saying the same thing if this was one of those Kirk Cameron's Not Dead movies. I don't want your agenda, shoved down my throat. Let me think for myself, and make my own decisions. Now, don't say Sausage Party encourages the audience to think for themselves. They're pushing their agenda, and they're pushing it hard as a rock.

So, what about the animation? You know, it does look a bit tasty. The supermarket had a lot of cool fine detail. I did enjoy the adventures into all of the different aisles. It gave the movie a sense of adventure. However, I wasn't a fan of the ugly looking humans. But, I couldn't help but laugh when the biggest villain is actually a real douche. Who's the target audience again? 

Look, if this movie was funny as a motherfucker, I probably could look past a lot of social agenda issues. Hell, I laugh at a lot of things I disagree with. The main problem with this party is it's simply not fuckin' funny. Also, most of the voice actors don't stand out. I did like Meat Loaf going all Bat Outta Hell, Bubblegum Steven Hawking, and I'm shocked this movie made me kinda sorta cheer for Michael Cera. Simply put, Sausage Party is not my can of beer.

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