Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Planes, Trains and Automobiles ★★★★

The Jerk and Uncle Buck as the oldest looking teenagers to ever star in a John Hughes coming-of-age-road-trip film. A taxi race with Kevin fuckin' Bacon. The first time you see John Candy's facial expressions. A bitchy flight attendant. A semi-boring sounding Ben Stein. Shower-curtain-rings are fuckin' cool. A million bucks short of being a millionaire. Hypoallergenic pillows. Extreme-sinus-cleaning. Waking up next to Del. Those aren't fuckin' pillows! A broken train. A yabba dabba doo bus ride. The invisible automobile. The fuckin' rental-car counter. You're fucked! An autographed Daryl Strawberry earring. Being grabbed by your dick. Precious moments don't come back. Almost hitting a deer. A car-honking contest. You're going the wrong fuckin' way! Two dollars and a Casio watch. A melted speedometer. Del knows a lot of fuckers. Realizing family is everything. Funny as fuck. Steve Martin is gold. John Candy is fuckin' hilarious. Fuck, I miss him. RIP Mr. Candy. RIP Mr. Hughes.

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