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  • Taste of Cherry

    Taste of Cherry


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    every single thing happening is a play on the senses and ur 1-track brain then he hits you with the therapeutic use of the 4th wall and now u're free

  • Man of Steel

    Man of Steel


    Krypton as a shadow of Earth.

    Snyder's filmmaking, to myself on this watch, is on such an intuitive resonance that I understand why it is unaccepted by some. Snyder's formal choices (particularly the editing!) are distanced from character to the realm of senses, of theme, (and of Gods). And it is pushing the propensity of baser yet innately wondrous qualities that found our individuality, and the same qualities that may lead to a prospective, better unity (or not). Dreams of…

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  • Knock Knock

    Knock Knock


    It’s not a dream / It’s all a dream. An intentionally contradictory, two-sided, artificial trash masterpiece.

    1. "IT WAS NOT A DREAM" - The "Secret" Misogyny of DJ Evan Webbmaster. Absolute upheaval (break at the limits) of the idyllic household, any possible progressive façade, and dissolution of a falsity of home adornments that Roth’s camera seems determined to gleefully glide through. All it took was free pizza, and he's not getting enough of it at home. a) Yeah, he “likes”…

  • Bones



    The blood is the capital. It takes that old horror trope and remodels it into: we're (collectively) not supposed to be here. Idyllic past relics of dreams and life, images of a dead/dying/decaying/dilapidated future, and present day ails in the attempt to suppress or supplant the building blocks that predate. Dog(g) eat Dog, forever.