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This review may contain spoilers.

So I’ve read some critical pieces and some tweets attacking this movie but I want to say a couple things in defense of the Russo Brothers, Disney and the movie. 

First like most of my reviews a story. At the end of the movie the debate started in my family about why Tony had to snap the snap. Bryce, my 9-year old son said, “It’s probably because of the 6 movie deal, right Daddy?” Once he said it I knew it would be the cornerstone of my review. Ok, another quick conversation with a co-worker about the Russo Brothers. My take was I had sold them short in early Marvel movies but they have a collaborative style that makes them especially suited for this kind of film. Alex, from work said, “they are good stewards of the Avengers brand.” Such a good phrasing I’m merely conveying it as a quote.

But I will say that it’s a difficult brush to hold. The canvas is enormous and moving. The paint is getting paid so much money that they have a say as to where they land on the canvas. And your patrons, Kevin Feige & Bob Iger, have deep pockets to affirm the final masterpiece is checking so many boxes that my pencil dulled. Let’s just say the degree of difficulty is very high.

I knew Audrey, my 13-year old, was going to cry but I had fun letting the tears roll down my face. This too was accomplished in a “that’ll do pig” way running the gamut from tears of joy, tears of regret, tears of loss, tears of resentment & finally tears of sacrifice & tears of acceptance.

Back to the Russo’s being special kind of filmmakers. They were painted into a corner and they still put one foot in front of the other and marched the actors and crew to the end of a decade’s long quest.

I’ll always love Shane Black and Waititi more as directors but they didn’t have the weight of the franchise on their shoulders the way these guys did.

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