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  • Fauve



    Now this is THE short film that should have won the Oscar in 2018. Instead, Skin, won which was bad and not Oscar worthy.

    This was. After watching the terrible 2018 Oscar’s Best Short Film last night, I just had to rewatch this one. 

    Fauve is a well made film. I don’t know why this didn’t win. It’s a film that I could watch for days and it wouldn’t get old. It’s so perfect. That last shot of Felix Grenier (Tyler)…

  • Skin


    How the hell did this win the Oscar for best short film?

    It had a clear message, but showed it in an over the top way. A way that was unnecessary and completely ludicrous. The acting was terrible. Even from Jackson Robert Scott (who was great in IT and The Prodigy).

    Johnathan Tucker was as bad as his haircut. To think, he played young Tommy in Sleepers Damn, another actor like Scott, who was a great in a previous role. So, I…

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  • Luca



    “We can go anywhere, do anything... we just gotta stick together!”

    I don’t typically watch a lot of animated films, but this one looked good. So, I gave it a watch and I’m glad I did. It was well worth the watch.

    Luca is a fun, fast-paced, and engaging story about friendship with amazing animation and great voice work. It mixed with emotion pretty well too.

    At first I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it, but that…

  • Gladiator



    “Are you not entertained? Are you not entertained? Is this not why you are here?”

    Extended Cut
    I am entertained. Gladiator is brutal. It’s Ridley Scott’s best film. Russell Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix are incredible. Both giving their best performances. This is one of Hans Zimmer’s best scores, if not his best.

    The extended cut, though not significant, adds a little more background and story to characters. Ridley Scott prefers the theatrical version as stated in his introduction at the start of the film. I like both cuts. Looks good in 4K too.